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Terms of Use

The website "" was created by (in Kolonaki, Attica, Pindarou street, no. 38), a company under the name " White in SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY" legally represented, under the trade name "AGAPIS JEWELLERY" (hereinafter for the sake of brevity called "AGAPIS JEWELLERY"), with VAT number 801261537, GEMI 15295001000, D' Athens, (formerly a sole proprietorship under the name "Agapi N. SMPOKOU individual enterprise of Jewellery and Artworks' with the distinctive title 'AS JEWELLERY AGAPI SMPOKOU')).
E-mail: & phone: +30 210 3646621.
The following terms and conditions constitute the terms and conditions under which AGAPIS JEWELLERY deals in accordance with the current legislation on consumer protection (L. 2251/1994), electronic commerce, protection of personal data, in compliance with the principles of good faith and business ethics and will apply to the use of the e-shop, the website of AGAPIS JEWELLERY, as well as when entering through redirection from social media (indicatively Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Tic Toc).
Before you enter as a visitor, and/or as a member of the online store on our website, we invite you to carefully read these terms and conditions, because your further use and browsing of the services of the online store implies your explicit and unconditional consent and acceptance.
  1. General Terms and Conditions
AGAPIS JEWELLERY reserves the right to modify or renew unilaterally and without notice the present terms and conditions of transactions according to its needs and the current legislative framework. It undertakes to inform you as visitors and/or customers of any modifications, as well as of any changes through the website of this online store.
Also, the online store of AGAPIS JEWELLERY has the right to temporarily or permanently exclude you, whether you are a visitor or a member, at any time and without stating the reasons, i.e. to cancel/delete/block permanently or temporarily your access and/or participation without any claim against AGAPIS JEWELLERY. It goes without saying that you are not allowed to become a member of AGAPIS JEWELLERY again with the same or other data except with the express consent of AGAPIS JEWELLERY. The above applies mainly (but not exclusively) in case of violation of the terms of use by you, which you acknowledge and agree as essential in their entirety, in case of a request by any Authority, Court, in case of a complaint by a third party rights holder against AGAPIS JEWELLERY.
Also, if you do not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided in the chapter on Privacy Policy, you must not use the services of our website.
  1. Information provided & Products
AGAPIS JEWELLERY is active in the design, manufacture and marketing of jewellery.
It is committed to the completeness and validity of the information provided on its website, both in terms of the existence of essential characteristics, which, where applicable, describe each product available, and for the accuracy of the data relating to the services provided, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruptions in the operation of the website or due to force majeure.
Our online store provides the products and services available through the website "as is". However, as these are handmade creations, each creation is unique and may show slight differences with the photo or features provided through our website.
  1. Member Account
If you choose to register in our online store, then you will create your personal account. Through this account you can order, track your order history at AGAPIS JEWELLERY, have secure access to your personal information that you have registered in our online store, such as your full name, address and other information, as well as have the ability to modify this personal information.
For more information regarding your obligations, the details of the procedure you are following and your safety, please read in particular the RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE VISITOR AND/OR CUSTOMER, SAFETY and PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS sections of these terms of use.
  1. Limitation of liability
AGAPIS JEWELLERY guarantees that the consumer is informed as soon as possible about the unavailability of the products. No guarantee can be given for the availability of the products and no responsibility for compensating consumers for any lack of availability can be assumed. It is also not responsible for any undue delay in the delivery of the products due to the courier company we work with or the courier company you may choose or any other problem in the communication between you.
It is also not responsible in any case for your communication with third party service providers that cooperate with AGAPIS JEWELLERY (indicatively an online payment system company) and for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between you. It is also not liable or liable to pay compensation for any cancellation or delay of orders, damage or loss of property/earnings/revenues/data, arising from the act or omission of the visitor and/or member.
We are also not responsible for any damage, loss or destruction of our transported products due to the courier companies we cooperate with or the courier company of your choice in case you choose another courier company from the following companies cooperating with us.
AGAPIS JEWELLERY is not responsible for technical problems that may occur to visitors when using the e-shop or accessing this website. It is not responsible for acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and services available through it.
  1. Intellectual property rights
Όλο το περιεχόμενο που αναρτάται στο δικτυακό τόπο της AGAPIS JEWELLERY, συμπεριλαμβανομένων εικόνων, γραφικών, φωτογραφιών, σχεδίων, κειμένων, κώδικα HTML, παρεχόμενων υπηρεσιών και προϊόντων αποτελούν πνευματική ιδιοκτησία της «White in SINGLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY» και προστατεύονται κατά τις σχετικές διατάξεις των διεθνών συμβάσεων, της ευρωπαϊκής και ελληνικής νομοθεσίας. Any copying, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, uploading (except in cases of express authorization), processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading the public about the actual provider of the content of the websites is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, republication, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written permission of AGAPIS JEWELLERY.
The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing AGAPIS JEWELLERY and its products or services are exclusive trademarks and distinctive features of AGAPIS JEWELLERY and are protected by Greek, Community and international laws on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition. In any case, their appearance and display on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.
  1. Obligations of the Visitor and/or Member
When you enter our website "" and use our online store you accept, consent and agree that you will make proper use of it, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the rules of good faith and morality. You may only make a purchase of our products through our online store if you have legal capacity. Natural persons under the age of 18 (minors) may purchase our products only with the consent of those exercising parental authority over them (e.g. parents).
You further agree to the proper use of the above website and e-mail and you must not use the AGAPIS JEWELLERY online store for:
  • intentionally or unintentionally infringing the legislation in force,
  • harassing third parties in any way,
  • collecting or storing personal data about other visitors/customers,
  • sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content that is unlawful for any reason, causes unlawful offence and damage to AGAPIS JEWELLERY or any third party or violates the confidentiality or privacy of any person's information,
  • sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or transmitting by other means any content that causes offence to, among others, user morals, social values, protection of minors,
  • sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content to which visitors/customers do not have the right to transmit under the law or applicable contracts (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements),
  • sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties of any kind,
  • sending, publishing, e-mailing or otherwise transmitting any material that contains software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or equip the operation of any software or computer hardware.
AGAPIS JEWELLERY reserves the right to delete such content as indicatively and not limitedly mentioned above and to cancel/delete/suspend permanently or temporarily your access and/or participation without any claim against AGAPIS JEWELLERY.
  1. Security
AGAPIS JEWELLERY recognizes the importance of the security of your personal data and your electronic transactions and takes all appropriate technical and organizational measures with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure maximum security. Your personal data and transactions are secure and confidential.
The security of our online store is achieved in the following ways:
  • Member identification: we use a two-factor system to identify you: Password (e-mail or username) and Personal Secret Security Code (password), which each time you enter them, they provide you with access to your personal information in complete security. You alone have exclusive and secure access to your personal information through the above passwords and you are solely responsible for maintaining its secrecy and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or leakage, you must immediately notify AGAPIS JEWELLERY, otherwise we are not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. For security reasons, we recommend that you avoid using the same easily traceable codes (e.g. date of birth).
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the transfer of your Personal Data: to ensure the confidentiality of the transfer of data, we use the encryption protocol.
  • Controlled Access (firewall): access to the AGAPIS JEWELLERY system is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of certain services by you as customers and/or visitors while prohibiting access to systems and databases containing confidential data and information of AGAPIS JEWELLERY.
  • Encryption: Every part of the website where you enter personal data (indicative passwords, addresses, phone numbers) is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption. Encryption is a way of encoding the information until it reaches the recipient, who will only be able to decode it by using an appropriate key. When ordering and if you have logged in with your Login and Personal Security Code, all communication between your computer and our system is encrypted using a 128-bit SSL key, i.e. every time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using a 128-bit SSL key and then sends it to our system.   
  1. Purchase of Products
You can purchase our products either as a visitor or as a member of AGAPIS JEWELLERY with a personal account.
To facilitate your search we have chosen a simple procedure as we explain below:
  1. Using the "search" option will easily lead you to the specific product you want.
  2. If you wish to place an order, please fill in the order form in Greek or English.
  3. After placing your order you will receive an automated e-mail with the confirmation of the order and its details.
  4. After the order has been processed, you will receive a second confirmation e-mail with the products that will be sent to you.
During the progress of the order you may receive a series of automated e-mails, which will report the progress of the order and in particular the following steps:
  1. New Order: when the order has been placed by you (card charge or cash on delivery only within Greece).
  2. Order dispatch: your order has left AGAPIS JEWELLERY and we notify you of the tracking number of the transport company (tracking number).
  3. Incomplete order details: some of the details you have filled in are not clear or some details are missing to complete your order.
  4. Order cancellation: your order has been cancelled for some reason.
If there is a pending order as described in item 4, a corresponding e-mail will be sent to you. In the event of an outstanding order as described in paragraph 4 above, we will send a corresponding message to the e-mail address you have provided us with when registering or entering your order on our website or we will contact you on the telephone numbers.
Please keep the emails exchanged between us in a safe place throughout the duration of our transaction.
  1. Payment Methods - Invoicing Documents
You can pay for your AGAPIS JEWELLERY product orders with any of the following payment methods:
  • Cash on delivery exclusively for areas within Greece (only through ACS S.A.) for purchases of products up to five hundred (500) euros
  • Through credit/debit card billing within or outside Greece (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners & Masterpass) for purchases of products of any amount through the secure and protected environment of ALPHA BANK. At the final stage of your purchase you select the credit card as a payment method and you are transferred to the encrypted environment of ALPHA BANK where you proceed to pay your order. Your credit card transaction details remain only in the Alpha e-Commerce environment and are not transferred or involved in security issues with our website. The transaction approval or rejection message received in the Bank's environment is the valid one. You must then wait to be redirected to our website. Your card is charged on the day the goods are shipped to you. 
  • By deposit to a bank account for purchases of products of any amount:

For your convenience, please mention your order code when transferring the amount and inform us by phone at the telephone number 210 3646621 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday 10.30 - 20.30, or send us a copy of the deposit at the following e-mail address:
  • With the PayPal online payment system for purchases of products of any amount, so you can pay either with your credit/debit card or through your Paypal account 
AGAPIS JEWELLERY does not collect or store your credit card details in any way, which is why you need to re-enter them every time you use your credit card for transactions.
As a legal document of sale, a retail sales receipt is issued to the customer and delivered to you with the product purchased and in the case of a freelancer or trader (natural or legal person) a sales invoice is issued. It is possible to issue an invoice in the second step of the order entry (selection "type of document").
Your invoice is sent by email to the email address you have provided us with when you place your order.
  1. Prices of products sold.
AGAPIS JEWELLERY makes every effort to provide high quality services. VAT is included in the indicated prices of the products. Cases of errors in prices and in minor features of our products cannot be excluded and we cannot guarantee that we will not have any interruptions in the operation of this website or "human" errors when updating / rewriting the price of a product. In such a case, AGAPIS JEWELLERY will carefully consider your request and will act in the best interest of your convenience and in accordance with the principles of good faith and business ethics.
We reserve the right to adjust the prices of our products. We undertake that we will not adjust the prices of products and will not modify the terms of the transaction carried out for those who have already completed your order.
  1. Delivery of Products - Transport costs
AGAPIS JEWELLERY sends orders to Greece and abroad.
All orders are ready to be shipped within 2-5 working days from the date of registration. You will receive an email on the progress of your order as specified in the PURCHASE PRODUCTS section.
Processing, shipping and delivery of orders are not carried out on weekends, one week every August (exact dates will be announced on our website) and public holidays. Official holidays for AGAPIS JEWELLERY are defined as.
SHIPPING COSTS: Before your order is completed, the shipping costs are automatically calculated in the shopping cart depending on the delivery location of the product and the amount of the order under the name "CALCULATE SHIPPING COSTS" in the following link [HERE]. By choosing one of the courier companies we work with below in this section, you benefit from the reduced shipping costs we have achieved for you.
Through your personal account on our website you can track the progress of your order until the dispatch of the order (dispatch). After the dispatch of the order by us you can only track the progress through the tracking number of the partner courier company or the dispatch ID of another courier company that you choose.
GREECE & CYPRUS: For deliveries in Greece we cooperate with the courier company "ACS SA" (tel.: 210 3407000 ).
The days and times of delivery of orders are: Monday to Friday from 10:00-17:00. If, however, you are absent at the time of delivery, the delivery person will leave a note with our contact details so that you can arrange for him to come back at a time and day that best suits you.
If you wish to pick up your order from the ACS SA store in your area, you can indicate this in the comments of your order and we will inform the distributors accordingly. You will find the service points of ACS SA here.
In case you wish to change the delivery address of your order, you must inform us within 24 hours at indicating your order code. The same applies if you wish to cancel your order. You can however follow the procedure you will see in the RETURNS section.
In case of replacement, the additional cost is one and fifty (1.50) euros.
For purchases of products over forty (40) euros, you will not be charged with transport costs.
FOREIGN: For deliveries to countries in Europe and the rest of the world we cooperate with DHL (tel: +30 210 89 05 900) with a wide distribution network from and between selected countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa ("EMEA").
If the order is abroad and has not been delivered within the estimated time frames, then you can contact the above mentioned courier company by mentioning the tracking number of the order in order to be informed by the responsible employees about the reasons for the delayed delivery.
Any customs costs are borne by the recipient of the order.
Our customer service department will fully inform you via email about the cost of your order.
No deliveries are made to post office boxes.
ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES: The delivery times applicable to your orders (except for force majeure events, see ORDER DELAY section) are estimated according to the partner courier companies as below:
Greece & Cyprus Up to 5 working days
Inaccessible areas within Greece Up to 7 working days
Europe Up to 6 working days
USA, Australia, Canada, other countries Up to 15 working days
  1. Order delay
Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:
Α. In case of force majeure (indicatively: strikes, pandemics, earthquakes, fire, extreme weather conditions) and generally in events beyond the sphere of influence of AGAPIS JEWELLERY, in which case we will inform you and ask you to indicate whether you still wish to complete the specific order.
Β. In the event that it is impossible to contact you by telephone and/or e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) or if the information you have entered is incomplete or not correctly updated.
AGAPIS JEWELLERY is not responsible for any delays due to the above causes and generally to events beyond its sphere of influence, as well as for delays due to the partner courier companies.
  1. Cancellation of Order
Cancellation of your order can be requested:
  1. Before completing your order, you can go back and remove the quantities of products from your cart by selecting the "remove" icon.
  2. In case you have completed your online order, call the phone number: 2103646621 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday 10.30 - 20.30 and one of our associates will take care of the cancellation of your order.
ATTENTION: you have the possibility to cancel your order until you receive an e-mail informing you about the dispatch of your order from AGAPIS JEWELLERY.
  1. Withdrawal / Return - Replacement of Products
You have the right to withdraw, request a refund and return the product you purchased within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the order.
If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can request its return or request its replacement with another product or products within 30 days of receipt.
The refund procedure takes place if:
  • The product is undamaged and in the excellent condition you received it. If any damage or alteration is found on the product, the return process cannot be completed (e.g. alteration of colour or shape, to show that it has been worn - used).
  • Return the product packaging, the legal purchase document e.g. retail receipt, the exchange card (in case of a gift), instructions for good use and anything else that accompanies the product.
  • Returns made through ACS SA, shipping costs are borne by us and only for the first (1) withdrawal of each product. In the event of a subsequent withdrawal or selection of another courier company, you will be responsible for the cost of the return. For shipments outside Greece, the return/exchange costs of the product are borne by you.
  • In any case, please contact us before returning a product at the telephone number 2103646621 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday 10.30 - 20.30 or send us an e-mail at the following tel. Please send us an e-mail to the following e-mail address: and mention the reasons for return and the code of your order.
By the time the product reaches us, it is your responsibility, so it is important to ensure that the packaging of the shipment is secure to avoid any damage in transit and therefore the inability to return it. We are not liable in the event of loss or damage to the product in transit of its return to us.
Once we receive the return product, we will start the refund process. The amount paid will be refunded to you depending on your payment method, either by cancelling the charge on your credit/debit card, or by depositing the amount within 15-30 working days to the bank account you will indicate to us in case of cash on delivery (only valid within Greece).
To avoid your own inconvenience, please check carefully at the time of delivery the condition of the product and its packaging so that if there is any defect or damage to be noticed in time. In case you receive the product damaged or damaged, please contact us immediately at the telephone number 2103646621, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday 10.30 - 20.30. In case the responsibility is not borne by AGAPIS JEWELLERY, you are invited to contact the courier company within eight (8) days. 
  1. Protection of Personal Data
The management and protection of your personal data is governed by the terms of the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Terms of Use and integral with them, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek, European and international legislation on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data, as well as the Decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority.
In order to be informed about your personal data, the processing they are subject to by AGAPIS JEWELLERY, its purposes, its legal basis, its recipients, the time of its retention and other relevant information regarding its protection and security, please go to the relevant link, in order to read and accept these terms.
  1. Free newsletters (newsletters)
If you wish to receive information about our offers, new products, news and activities, subscribe for free to AGAPIS JEWELLERY enews.
Your registration is not a mandatory process for making a purchase from our online store or for the provision of our other services, including your simple browsing of our website and is carried out by entering your email address in the corresponding field on our website, either by creating an account in our online store, or by placing an order as a visitor.
Our newsletters may end up in your spam folder due to a filter in your email program. Please check this periodically and enter our email address in your safe list.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters or wish to unsubscribe from the AGAPIS JEWELLERY delivery system altogether, you can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to or unsubscribe from the service via the corresponding link that appears at the bottom of the newsletters you receive. AGAPIS JEWELLERY uses a third party provider to send the newsletters. For the Privacy Policy, please go to the relevant link.
  1. Dispute Resolution - Applicable Law - Competent Courts
Any dispute regarding the application, interpretation, invalidity of terms of contracts concluded through our online store and social media is governed by Greek law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Athens, to whose jurisdiction the parties voluntarily submit from today.
Alternatively, the European Commission has created an online platform to make it easier to resolve disputes arising from contracts concluded through our online shop and social media. If you are a consumer (i.e. a natural person acting in a non-professional capacity) and you have any problem with a purchase made on our website, you can contact the Electronic Dispute Resolution (EDR) service by following the link: The relevant service will contact AGAPIS JEWELLERY and will help find a solution and resolve the dispute. Please click to enter the platform.
You can contact us by telephone at the telephone number 2103646621 Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 14.30 and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday 10.30 - 20.30 or by e-mail at the following e-mail address:


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